WorshipWhat you willButBare in mindWhat you instillAs abstinenceis absenceOne can be nothing withoutOne withinAs noneAre born without sinWe are fullBut not completeGuiltyIf even at his feetIn lifeBe the foolKnowingEnds will never meet

The Way of Water

Distant tracts where sun cracks the landCasting deep furrows etched with sand Water will quench the mouths insideWith a hand of greater design to guide The original spring of one all knowingAn eternal balance constantly flowing Manna from heaven given with graceComforts the swell in each desired place

Come Out My Angel 

    I rearranged the stars  To better light your beauty  I tore down the heavens And cast gods as demons You stand above all I bled my life away In the pursuit of eternity with you All I do, I do in your name   Can  you  hear  me?    Come Out My Angel

Thoughts: Child Labor

You think it's bad Here on earth In heaven The omnipotent creator has been using child labor for thousands of years God has cherubs as servants and to guard the gates of Eden God has also placed a baby (cupid) in charge of love (explains a lot about love)