A Whole Lotta Heart

4. The Heart Chakra – Anahata Location: The centre of the chest, above the heartColour: GreenElement: AirMeaning: Love, compassion Heart Chakra Valentine's Day card: Forget EnvyI'm greenwith passion Albert Hammond of the Hollies has recanted, stating he now requires more than just the air that he breathes and to love you. Compassion:The compass of my … Continue reading A Whole Lotta Heart

The Link is Blood

Blood let between my fingertipsMosquitoes should know better I'm quick with hands and quips Fray a careful linkTenuous we stirWrit in blood and inkThe lines begin to blurPass and craneReturn a devious stareStreams are oft to waneAs are those who care With heavy heart And empty pocketI find myselfAt a loss Weekly Theme:Lost PhoneI lost … Continue reading The Link is Blood