The Link is Blood

Blood let between my fingertipsMosquitoes should know better I'm quick with hands and quips Fray a careful linkTenuous we stirWrit in blood and inkThe lines begin to blurPass and craneReturn a devious stareStreams are oft to waneAs are those who care With heavy heart And empty pocketI find myselfAt a loss Weekly Theme:Lost PhoneI lost … Continue reading The Link is Blood

Seared Hearts & Tomatoes

You broken my heartBut I'll move onThere are better thingsfor me than you You can keep the heartIt may be the only oneyou will ever have I will grow a new heart Fact: The severed head of a sea slug can grow a whole new body. (including a new heart) Alien 1: you think the … Continue reading Seared Hearts & Tomatoes

Address the Look

We construemeaning froma graceful pauseStyle as an art formprowling the catwalkwith erratic meanderingpoise, presence, purposework manufacturing an edgeGoading for a reaction of shockA response to stave off obscuritya hideousdressstealsfocusas muchas abeautiful one Yet Both will remainOne in the mindAndOne in the heart I used a random word generator for all posts this week. See below.The … Continue reading Address the Look