Doha: Like A Cloak

Like a cloak, long and heavy, did I wear my lost loveThe weight on my shoulders a cause of ill healthI say, leave loss behind, It's easier to forgetif you do not constantly remind yourself The Doha is a Hindi stanzaic form employing a rhyming couplet with long syllabic lines.The Doha is also used in … Continue reading Doha: Like A Cloak

Into The Fae

By way of the will-o'-the-wisps at nightThrough enchanted forest and meadowI am lead astray following spectral lightTo the marshes that fuel their glow Distant church bells, four-leaf cloverMissing mother's protective charmsclothing inside out, made overWithout ward, a gift into their arms Warnings not to barter with healthWealth a namely price of disguiseHe stood, small statured … Continue reading Into The Fae