The Orbuculum Spins

Spied in crystal a whirlwind beginsWith fate and fare the orbuculum spinsWhite fogged mirrors where futures adhereHidden within the confines of the sphereFortune-telling of that which is foretoldThe gifted performance a revelation to beholdClairvoyance an ancient art to the eyeSoaked in gypsy's blood they scryCast to the heavens the lovers before liarsAnd send down below … Continue reading The Orbuculum Spins

In You

In each a country, with freedom to reignOver boundless borders, treacherous terrainTo ragged shoreline whipped by burly galesWhere the wind swept cliffs conjure tall tales The wilderness whispers, deep in seclusionAcross the expanse, of the ever changing illusionA lifetime of solitude to peer beyond the veilAlas, within myself no answer would prevail Senses foreign, distant … Continue reading In You