Kyrielle: The Weed

Carve a place where there is a needThe welcome earth will sow the seedIf life's wonder is how we growWhy do we ostracise the weed? Flowers and weeds blooming in timeEach blossom of beauty sublimeThat is not entirely soWhy do we ostracise the weed? Naturally evolved to thriveI would honestly like to knowWhy do we … Continue reading Kyrielle: The Weed

Children’s Story: The Lonely Apple

The apple fellNot far from the treeBut rolled and rolledand was lost to the wildThe farmer won't find me, and the neighbourhood children won't either,thought the poor little apple.The apple sat and witheredHidden under a dense bushSad and aloneSlowly he shrank in the coldBuried by the winter snowUntil he finally disappearsAs the spring sun shinesAnd … Continue reading Children’s Story: The Lonely Apple

Bring Back my Love to Me

Endless longing neighbours the freeAs the night-tide return harbours the seaBring back my love to me Fruit falls, seasons cease to beGrowth the shelter that forms the treeBring back my love to me United in form the lock and the keyTogether reveal hidden worlds to seeBring back my love to me Eugi's Weekly Prompt: Neighbour