Gwawdodyn: Belief

Desperation aids faith through beliefMystical hope can welcome reliefBut suffering sin, is an act withinNothing but time helps release the grief Quatrain form with an ab rhyme scheme.The gwawdodyn is a Welsh poetic form with a of couple variations. However, both versions are comprised of quatrains (4-line stanzas) that have a 9/9/10/9 syllable pattern and … Continue reading Gwawdodyn: Belief

All You Need Is Love, Amendment

  All you need is love, a beautiful sentiment. Health, wealth, happiness, the big three, can make life more comfortable but not complete. Without love, life is not worth living.   I'll tell you a story. There once was a young boy who loved a young girl. He watched her with other boys, waiting for … Continue reading All You Need Is Love, Amendment