Archive Week This week I will posting unreleased material from last year and also reposting some reworked versions of my earliest wordpress posts which didn't receive much of an audience. Enjoy. Within and without A blanket for the world who show in slithers of light Pin point spectres Present Form and collapse Drifting listlessly on … Continue reading Dust

Children’s Rhyme: The Magic Whale

I'll tell you the tale of how we set sailIn search of the great and magical white whaleOur port of call was his home in Mocha BayMy entire life changed that fateful day They warned us that we best bewareBut there was no way to possibly prepareYou see, things aren't what they seem to beWhen … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: The Magic Whale

A Page Missing from the History Books

[ Conversation between Christopher Colombus and his conscience before leaving for India ] "Maps?""No thank you.""Compass?""Nope, don't need it.""Stars and mathematics?""No, no. Old fashioned tenacity and a whole lot of balls.""Seriously? Don't you think that's dangerous? You could die, and take a hundred good men with you.""I have no fear. I know I am right. … Continue reading A Page Missing from the History Books