Rotten, Dry Hope

I'm a rotten appleThat's what I've been toldBut I'm not really badSo I prefer the term, old The Garden State TimesRotten fruits file suit against fresh fruit for descrimination. A tongue in cheekRipe to touchFinger a fuzzy navelSqueezed to a punchSince I'm being freshAre you willing to shareThat juicy looking pear? Where there’s tea, there … Continue reading Rotten, Dry Hope

Children’s Story: The Lonely Apple

The apple fellNot far from the treeBut rolled and rolledand was lost to the wildThe farmer won't find me, and the neighbourhood children won't either,thought the poor little apple.The apple sat and witheredHidden under a dense bushSad and aloneSlowly he shrank in the coldBuried by the winter snowUntil he finally disappearsAs the spring sun shinesAnd … Continue reading Children’s Story: The Lonely Apple