What is a Pet?

"The woman who served me called me, pet.""So?""So, I rubbed up against her leg and licked her face. We have to go. Now." pet/pɛt/noun: pet; plural noun: petsA domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure. Lazy Limerick:Yorpette I once had a dog named, YorpetteWho needed to be taken to the vet"Is this your … Continue reading What is a Pet?

Christmas Wishes

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.Thank you to all who have supported me this year in some way or another.For those who did not, death shall come on swift wings for you and yours.Just kidding, for once, it has been a difficult year for each and every … Continue reading Christmas Wishes

My Wife’s Best Friend

I don't careIf it's not meIt's nicethat my wifehas a best friendWho lifts her upwhen she's downComforts herafter a hard dayAnd can make her happyIn a way I'm not ableA friendwho is always there But it comes at a cost... Usuallyaround ten dollarsfor a good bottle Happy National Red Wine Day! Red Red Wine


To walk can be an achievementYet, we expect more to our detrimentWings are granted by our actionsJudgement by our peers reactions Take care and choose wiselyPitfalls surround gifts given blindlyFor when demons learn to flyAngels will fall from the sky