A finger is all you need Anymore  And you have an issue with sense   I have no problem with tools In moderation  I guess I'm old fashioned I like to use my hands As much as I can   But one finger Just the tip Even for those  With little skill Should … Continue reading Finger

Contours of Love 

Demure eyes lost in a hazy plume Offer a coy fain Of agreement Tendrils of inky black Curtain A shielded glance An unguarded beam By guiding light Make way Steadfast as rock My firm grasp sinks Into your supple hips And we dance Swayed by sirens song enamoured To the contours of love


    The answer is in the anomalies As much as the similarities Outliers reach extremes They test and utilise flaws Then adapt and develop They harness untapped potential Seeking and surpassing boundaries To break the shackles of mediocrity           Dare to be different