Cracked, Blind & Stressed

Senryu: Plesantville Blindness hold tight, close your eyesPleasantville's picket fencespainted bright to blind Couplet: Notice on Dorm Room Door Due to stress, I intend to regressWhen I return, is anyone's guess Cracked On my faceIs a crackYou chooseTo see as a smile Weekly Theme:Micropoetry

Zen, Calm & Necessary Force

Senryu: Free Space I exhale a calmfreeing the peripherystill the open field Limerick: Inher Piece I once knew a man named BenWho was schooled in the art of zenWhen he found a nice pieceHe enjoyed sweet releaseThen returned to his meditation again Necessary Force Force isn't the wayThat's what I used to thinkbeforeI developeda tasteFor … Continue reading Zen, Calm & Necessary Force

Absent Parenting (answer to unrest of the world)

You want the answerto the unrest in the world?A reason for the mindlessnessThe answer is simpleIt's all thanks to our aloof figureheadYou want to come ask me questionsin a tower you built together?Nope, you all get different languagesBabble awayRemember what I saidYou knowthose nonsense parablesThey will keep you in checkI'll be back... at some pointProbably … Continue reading Absent Parenting (answer to unrest of the world)