Fall, but don’t Forget

No use crying over spilt milk ......unless you slip in it and crack your head open Sign on the Wall of Clown College 001 days Without incident Remember to pick upBanana Peels after each class six random words Leave mistakes behind, but never forget senryü: happy accident clause intent and purposethe happy accident smirksabove Murphy's … Continue reading Fall, but don’t Forget

Doha: Like A Cloak

Like a cloak, long and heavy, did I wear my lost loveThe weight on my shoulders a cause of ill healthI say, leave loss behind, It's easier to forgetif you do not constantly remind yourself The Doha is a Hindi stanzaic form employing a rhyming couplet with long syllabic lines.The Doha is also used in … Continue reading Doha: Like A Cloak