A master crafts Imbues raw material Forms with passion Baring the soul Imprints upon Each piece With Love Imparts a   touch  of      💚 heart Clay Wood Paper Canvas Inanimate Given life Live and breathe Forever

Together Forever

From the cry when life starts Until the last breath departs We have too few memorable days If only we could find a place Outside of time and space Where the future couldn't find us We could relive those perfect days Where everyone important stays And lives happily together forever

Me & You

    If we weren't meant to be How is it  you're still here in front of me After all we've been through I know the answer is you And when the world ends As it tends  to do   There will still be Me And You

I am All of These

    Hero Villain Lover, Fighter Monster Clown Spiritual advisor, Personal driver Diplomat Pillow Safety blanket, Servant Politician Drill Sergeant  Story teller, Guidance counsellor  Fashion designer Tutor Teacher, Dishwasher Singer  Dancer  Tank, Bank Chef Waiter Personal trainer, Lion tamer Doctor  Nurse Alarm clock And an indestructible rock   On any given day I am all … Continue reading I am All of These