Old School

I've lived through plaguesSeen my fair share of crusadesI'm Old School comrades I've seen ice ages come and goFriend to mammoth and eskimoI'm Old School bro I saw the dinosaurs have their dayUntil a meteor paved their wayI'm Old School compadre I saw a land without fireWithout man's desireI'm Old School squire I stood by … Continue reading Old School

Streak The Heavens

In my eye the welcome sightA distant guest returned to meThe playful dance caught in flightLands warmly for all the world to see The precursor of the coming dayWho cracks the night like strawCast the darkness far awayRaise the dawn forevermore Shine down on what you've foundIllumination the end of the journeyTo travel so far … Continue reading Streak The Heavens

A Love Affair

A beginningA middleAn endWhen stolen kisses touchLovers rendezvous lingerNight long passions holdTo a wedding down the lineBound together and set in placeBuilding with each memoryCreating worlds within worldsAmounting to a wholeA lifeA storyA love affairwith linear time


                  A master crafts Imbues raw material Forms with passion Baring the soul Imprints upon Each piece With Love Imparts a   touch  of      💚 heart Clay Wood Paper Canvas Inanimate Given life Live and breathe Forever