I’ll Love You Every Day & Dear Daughter

I'll love You Every Day I'll love you each and every dayFrom the rise of the morning sununtil the earthly day is doneThere is no price I wouldn't payI give of myself all you wishpresented on a silver dish My love for you will never swayWith conviction I take your handtogether steadfast we will standThroughout … Continue reading I’ll Love You Every Day & Dear Daughter

Old School

I've lived through plaguesSeen my fair share of crusadesI'm Old School comrades I've seen ice ages come and goFriend to mammoth and eskimoI'm Old School bro I saw the dinosaurs have their dayUntil a meteor paved their wayI'm Old School compadre I saw a land without fireWithout man's desireI'm Old School squire I stood by … Continue reading Old School

A Love Affair

A beginningA middleAn endWhen stolen kisses touchLovers rendezvous lingerNight long passions holdTo a wedding down the lineBound together and set in placeBuilding with each memoryCreating worlds within worldsAmounting to a wholeA lifeA storyA love affairwith linear time