Flash 666

6 words Planet Earth 'For Sale' sign removed. 36 words I feel it, like pre-consternation, like a special kind of pessimism, the reccurring theme that scripts my life. I think this and stare into the emptiness.Why is there never milk left when it's my turn? 66 words The child appeared concerned."That sound, I've heard it … Continue reading Flash 666

The Easter Hippo & The Incomplete Bible

The Ferrero Group will be releasing its own Easter mascot for the 2021 season, as a rival to the classic Easter Bunny.A friendly chocoholic, social media has dubbed 'The Pogo Hippo.' An aquatic mammal which bounces about barfing a spray of eggs with each spring of his pogo.It seems to make as much sense as … Continue reading The Easter Hippo & The Incomplete Bible

Tongue Twisters & No Brainers

Front Page of the Carny Gazette Sword Swallower Swallows Tongue in Tongue Twisting Competition Tongue Twister Petite Pokemon purchases Polar Bear protein bars For Anosmia Awareness Daywe are starting dumpster fireson a global scaleIf this does not concern youPlease consult your doctor In retrospect... ...I should have used hindsight Employee: The retro products aren't selling. … Continue reading Tongue Twisters & No Brainers