Love Like Ours

My dreams spark on kinetic wingsLike wishes of foreign flying thingsNot at all real but feeling as suchAs having not met you but needing your touch When the world of old is said and doneWhen ignorance has lost and we are oneThe time will come for a love like oursBut until then we are waste … Continue reading Love Like Ours

Star Crossed Commuters 

The flash of your eyes lights electric highways across my skin. Sparks dance playfully in the air between us. Has anyone felt this way before? Distance holds no power, and the world holds no sway. Without a spoken word we understand that life can never be the same again. The train draws into the station … Continue reading Star Crossed Commuters 

Contours of Love 

Demure eyes lost in a hazy plume Offer a coy fain Of agreement Tendrils of inky black Curtain A shielded glance An unguarded beam By guiding light Make way Steadfast as rock My firm grasp sinks Into your supple hips And we dance Swayed by sirens song enamoured To the contours of love

Before You Go

"I'll be thinking of you and I'll see you again, real soon." She lingered in the doorway, waiting for a form of reciprocation she hadn't received in years. "Oh!" "Yes?" She turned, smile beaming. "Before you go, close the door. You always leave it open. Drives me crazy." "Okay sweetie. I love you."