Snam suad: A Plea

Vaccine's herefight the fearspawned the firstendemicplease do sendprovide, spendease or endpandemic The snam suad is an eight-line Irish poem and/or stanza. Here are basic guidelines: all lines have 3 syllables with the following rhyme pattern: aabcdddclines four and eight are 3-syllable words, all other lines end in monosyllabic wordslines two and three share consonancelines three … Continue reading Snam suad: A Plea

Cyhydedd Naw Ban: Fixation

Fear the love that does not grow each dayWhere stagnate buds wilt into decaypetrified petals screech vexationand tortured roots become fixation Clarity forms in stark concessiontrue love is not found in obsession Each line in the stanza is nine syllables long.The stanza has an even number of lines.Each line in the stanza end rhymes with … Continue reading Cyhydedd Naw Ban: Fixation

Future Visions

The sun shinesbrightthen burns Without glassesdark spotsbecome spiders The horizonslipsout of grasp My searching handsfindnothing The miragecreatedfrom fear Future visionsfleeat the sight of me Weekly Theme: New Year