In absolute silence I hear multitudes Of creatures Mingled screeches At a frequency Just beyond perception. A shrill sound High pitched Pulsating Growing Becoming A deafening roar It surrounds me Penetrates me Resonating In my very skull The commotion of life Keeps the burden at bay And I have peace For a moment From the … Continue reading Tinnitus

Viator: The Tears Will Come

The tears will comewith unbridled melodyteetering on the cuspof heartfelt ceremonyHold fragility dearthe tears will comein abandon of fearlet then hope succumbBound until numbwe remember or forgetthe tears will comepaths forged from regretSpent in a dazebeyond the total sumforever and alwaysthe tears will come The viator is a poetic form invented by Robin Skelton.The first … Continue reading Viator: The Tears Will Come

A Seed and an Anthem

Seed The seed must beWatering does notWhat we feed takes rootWhat we neglect will rot Acrostic: Hate Hostility through misunderstandingAccelerates unnecessary conflictThoughtless anger feeds fearEndangering peace Anthem: Fuck the World Don't let it lingerSalute them with the middle fingerLet your flag flyAnd raise that finger to the skyIt's good for your healthTo tell the world … Continue reading A Seed and an Anthem