An Incision in Black

   An incision in blackThe vast canopy  of the night sky    rupturesA faint glintilluminatesThe slither pierces as if by scalpelbeaming down upon an  operating tableThrough dim anesthesiabalance tottersThe waivering channel lurestoward a final light  leading onward "It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light."-Aristotle Weekly Theme:Quote Prompts

Sense of Transition

Sunflowers reach toward the sunFate entwined, never one Honeybee's lifetime serves the youngRefined palette, honeyed tongue Raindrops streak the windowpaneTears fallen, gone again White noise as the static creepsMusic lost, radio weeps Blood shed on an open fieldMuddy soil, wound healed Future presents an uphill climbPast repeats, every time Eugi's Weekly Prompt: Transition