Children’s Rhyme: The Magic Whale

I'll tell you the tale of how we set sailIn search of the great and magical white whaleOur port of call was his home in Mocha BayMy entire life changed that fateful day They warned us that we best bewareBut there was no way to possibly prepareYou see, things aren't what they seem to beWhen … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: The Magic Whale


Weakness splayed across the desert skinWhere cracks widen with devilish grinsThe porous drought stricken plain crumbles Braced against the ever present rumble There the earth swallows the unworthyUnwanted, malnourished, slaves of adversity Gone. Born solely to suffer a foreign sinA cavernous tremor ripples from within'I a mn e a rd e a t hI c … Continue reading Cracks

A Single Smile

A single smile can change the world I know Because your smile changed mine I knew then In that first moment I was lost Forever Lost To the world We knew before Now Years later We are together Finding the way In our own little world Happy World Smile Day!