Home Away From Home

A flower pickeddeath warrant signedA piece of fruitpoorly designed When does a walkBecome a hike?With the sweat on your brow?the blisters on your feet?Or the pretentious mannerof an enthusiast? 6 random words Motorboats shred the lake to ribbons Perfect summer blissLife without need of reasonA home away from homeonly for one select season Weekly Theme:Summer … Continue reading Home Away From Home

lục bát: No Pain, No Gain. Easy.

These sayings are cheesyNo pain, no gain, easy peasySince quarantine you seeI've added twenty three kilosAnd still now my mass growsNot a single ache shows in meNow all are so jellyOf my giant belly pain free lục bát:Alternating of 6 and 8 syllable lines.Below is an idea of how the first few lines should rhyme: … Continue reading lục bát: No Pain, No Gain. Easy.

Train that Brain with a Spark

Brain Teaser:What can be driven although it doesn’t have wheels, sliced but stays whole?(answer below) The brain suffersThe body suffersThe body suffersThe brain suffers Do you wantcomprehensionand bright ideasat lightning speedAn electrified witthat could liven upeven the most stuffyof dinner partiesThrough our tiedand tested methodsWe will help youBuild a better bodyAnd a better brainWe can … Continue reading Train that Brain with a Spark