Streak The Heavens

In my eye the welcome sightA distant guest returned to meThe playful dance caught in flightLands warmly for all the world to see The precursor of the coming dayWho cracks the night like strawCast the darkness far awayRaise the dawn forevermore Shine down on what you've foundIllumination the end of the journeyTo travel so far … Continue reading Streak The Heavens

Come Out My Angel 

    I rearranged the stars  To better light your beauty  I tore down the heavens And cast gods as demons You stand above all I bled my life away In the pursuit of eternity with you All I do, I do in your name   Can  you  hear  me?    Come Out My Angel


  The ancient Greeks managed to divide the intricacies of love into eight separate categories. Some may have been considered greater than others but all were necessary to form a complete picture of love. My particular interest lies in the number 8. Why 8? To the Greeks 6 is considered perfect. How did they decide … Continue reading 8