Sijo: Mind’s Eyes & Fries

Mind's Eye the mind's eye, open longing, ever unseen, buried withinharmony, spiritual, the soul's gateway, to higher lifea potent, raw god like power, simply waiting, within us Fries underground,born of the earth, eyes in the dark, oblivious.stored in time, coloured by sun, cultivated, around the worldgreat staple, miracle starch, fed to the masses, just add … Continue reading Sijo: Mind’s Eyes & Fries

Tease Enlightenment Through Snow

Senryu: Commercial Success I seek an answerlaughter with enlightenmentI find commercials Couplet: Tantalize TheeasiestwaytotantalizeIstoinfantilize The easiest way to infantilizeIs to tantalize Quatrain: Snow Bunnies Little Playboy bunniesTwitching in the snowWait, it's not winterThat's Colombian blow Weekly Theme:Micropoetry