Two Sides

Emotional Symbiosis love and hateare notpolar opposites My daughter told me she hates meAnd I guess I can understand whyI promised her she could have candyI gave her an apple and she started to cry I told her its mother natures candyShe considered this a bold faced lieSo I said feel free to eat all … Continue reading Two Sides

Android Love

Functional Operational The best way To describe our love Mechanical Automated Android love We Two robots With human appearance Go through the motions But lack the emotions Appearance is not enough No matter what others may see Appearance is not love And it never will be

Walk Away

A dance of emotion With natural progressions Is more than motion One can play the fool Two at the same game Defies the rule Call it as you see Not the blurred image You've dreamed it to be You want me to stay But I can solve it all If I just walk away