I Hate that I Love You

I Hate that I Love You You snipe And sneer Piss and moan Just wait till I have you All alone You rage And roar War in your touch God I hate that I love you So much I Hate Your Games My hate for you will never fadeRelapse, diminish or degradeThe choice was oursand … Continue reading I Hate that I Love You

Chōka: Love is like the Wind

love is like the winda blind force that stirs the worlddrifting by unseenflowing freely hand to handnever to be heldblowing softly in the earit whispers sweet thingsonly lovers understandat times it is stillwhere days pass without a breathyou are found wantingand with one surprising gustyou are knocked clean off your feet chōka (長歌, "long poem")  … Continue reading Chōka: Love is like the Wind


Let me meditateRuminateFind peace in the rubbleBuried hereIs my willThat lost touchWith the surface Blind without handsTracing soundMislaid willAmbles erraticallyLacking directionBut for momentary pullsOf the heart strings