Shrove Hunting

Shrove? Can one surviveafter a shrive? Are you deprivedif you've been shrived? Is it connivingto be shriving? What care is givento one who is shriven? Do you fear or rideon a shrovetide? And can anyone saywhy only on a Tuesday?  One last questionI ask you thisDoes anyone knowwhat the hell a Shrove is? shrive:/ʃrʌɪv/verb ARCHAICpast … Continue reading Shrove Hunting

Saving Mortality

"The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies."– Kate McGahan A memoryDistant and dullSwells in my mindMy childhood dogLong since passed awayRunning in the windLapping at my faceResting at my feetA lifetime laterI still feel the love Love Never Dies Saviour A saviourMust be justIn action and wordA … Continue reading Saving Mortality