Immortal Illumination

Happy Easter to All! death is swallowed up in victory1 Corinthians 15:54 O'er Golgotharises the battle cry.'To immortality,We shall never die' He is risen.Matthew 28:6 Even more impressivesince it's Sundayand a day off. One man.One act.Alone.To saveAll mankind. Tom Cruise'Is back!' Resurrection In cinemas this Easter LifeIlluminates The sunRises and falls Rises againRenewed In beliefDarkness … Continue reading Immortal Illumination

Everlasting Love & The Forgotten Ēostre

To have everlasting lovefor a world such as thisI wonder, would Jesuscontinue to spare a thoughtThe guidance he gavehaving now gone amissWhere the majorityrefuse everything he taught Farewell Fair Ēostre Fair goddess of the springTo hear you once again singBut such is the wayof the changing landthat a hare delivers eggsby supply and demand Behold … Continue reading Everlasting Love & The Forgotten Ēostre