Start from the Roots

1. The Root Chakra – Muladhara Location: The base of the spine, the tailbone regionColour: RedElement: EarthMeaning: Physical identity, stability, grounding Just so we're clear, it all starts hereAt the long abandoned vestigeThat once helped us hang and steer Relax, don't engageRelease the blockageLet the insecurity passBy blowing it out your arse Ground the currentI'll … Continue reading Start from the Roots

Old School

I've lived through plaguesSeen my fair share of crusadesI'm Old School comrades I've seen ice ages come and goFriend to mammoth and eskimoI'm Old School bro I saw the dinosaurs have their dayUntil a meteor paved their wayI'm Old School compadre I saw a land without fireWithout man's desireI'm Old School squire I stood by … Continue reading Old School

Children’s Rhyme: The Evil Plot of Ice Cubes McWhiskers

Earth was getting hotThe walrus villainIce Cubes McWhiskers, would notFor he...had prepared his evil plot A rocket to the sunPacked full of sunscreenAnd the work was nearly doneSoon...It would be winter for everyone Seal Team Five were sentto foil his attemptDown into his lair they wentBut met...Polar bear henchmen on their decent A fight broke … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: The Evil Plot of Ice Cubes McWhiskers