Drunkenness & War

I can't find my car no wait, I don't own a car where are my car keys I see the vodkaand the vodka sees through mewe are not equals Write a Zappai using the theme of drunkenness.Zappai (雑俳) is a form of Japanese poetry rooted in haikai. It is related to, but separate from, haiku … Continue reading Drunkenness & War

Droigneach: I Know What UFOs Are

Between observers, opinions may range diverselyConcerning the strange lights and sinister abductions. These vile visitors call with conduct so unearthly And a purpose which defies logical deductionsBright lights, time and memory loss, faulty radiosTheir manner of travelling with wavy waywardness. I have solved the puzzling existence of UFOsThey're joyriding angels at the height of drunkenness … Continue reading Droigneach: I Know What UFOs Are