Seeing the Future Unfold as the Dryer Spins

I stand in front of my dryer, watching the dial slowly wind. The internal joints screeching like frenzied birds in search of release. There's life left in the old girl, but you can hear the end is near. The time will come, wasted and worn, when man and machine will find their final resting place … Continue reading Seeing the Future Unfold as the Dryer Spins

Birth Of The Orange Demon

They spoke in hushed tones, eyes darting across the Monday night patrons of the Spoilt Brat. "If this is to happen, we will have to dispose of Sylvester." Alexia hadn't considered that. She was fond of Sylvester, and had been since she was a little girl. Above them the lightbulb surged, as if an idea–or … Continue reading Birth Of The Orange Demon