Bref double: Driving Force

Water is the driving force of all natureLeonardo da Vinci Onward I dare, travel further westkeeping the steep journey under footMy eyes lingered over sheer blue-greychalked cliffs intersecting pale water Sudden nostalgia quakes my bowed canethe fresh waves undulate in unrestI settle, concede to the motionand look to the ocean for order With my past … Continue reading Bref double: Driving Force

Decisions Premade

These lightning strikes of insightIgnite decisions forged by memoryWhat past may aid future sightMoulds in the name of liberty Life rafts in the form of platitudesRest crumpled on salt worn stonesA journey taken with sheltered attitudesAllows time to shake the earthly bones An illusion in a cage made of birdsSwaying in a place once so … Continue reading Decisions Premade