Skilled Thoughts

Aristotlelian thoughtDenied the essence of faultsAnd denounced flaws required of a systemWhat is the intention of the system?That which is not of its natureIs unnecessary?Doesn't education through action and reaction make it so? Debased Expectations: In my defence,I should never have been given power tools ConsiderPerceptionAs a skill Constantly trainedWith every waking moment It wasn'tan … Continue reading Skilled Thoughts

Pay The Price

Try before you buyAnd keep your receiptIts a world of refunds and returnsWhere definitive decisions and ultimatumsfloat without weightWhen we allow failsafesfor every rash judgementCommodities are devaluedIn the disposible lifestyle we have inheritedIf your not 100% happyIf the shine wearsTake it backCast it awayDemand your divorceQuitLife isn't fairIts brutalBut one thing never changesYou pay the … Continue reading Pay The Price

Gone to Seed

She grows with need and undulates in loveA deep-rooted message from the heavens aboveWhich reverberates a light spark of expectationAnd lives entwined with all creation A perpetual sacrifice to appease the mortal greedThe balance lost, the tree gone to seedAncient branches once mighty wilt and waste awayOur epoch decides, atone or suffer to decay Eugi's … Continue reading Gone to Seed