The Basket Ball & Long Last

The Basket Ball I may of had an Irish whiskeyMaybe two or threeThat's not too badThe car drank more than meHe's sleeping it offAt the bottom of the sea Trapped in the watery casketin this auto-motive travestyMy briefcase and basketor my wicker headdress to beAnd now, what is worst of allI'll be late you seeto … Continue reading The Basket Ball & Long Last

Pitching Woo

Where there is love, there is life.Mahatma Ghandi You can find loveBut not capture loveIf you define loveYou confine love The only wayis to live love Etheree: Love Sequel IWelcomeAll those whoLike to pitch wooThis week is for youIf you are not inclinedThen pay this website no mindSpend your time wherever you findWhat you consider … Continue reading Pitching Woo