Anistubh: The Sun in a Dark Universe

Light feigns to banish the darknessAware darkness lives within lightThe sun in a dark universeHarmony in their existence Anistubh: (Sun God, originating from the veins of Prajāpati) The first of the Vedic chandas or meters in a stanzaic form of epic meter. The verse is often a chanted mantra. The elements of the Anistubh are: … Continue reading Anistubh: The Sun in a Dark Universe

Awdl Gywydd: Lay it Bare

Summon what was always thereLay it bare, at the church doorRelease your darkness with prayerThe devil may care no more Four lines, with seven syllables per line.The final syllable of the first and third lines rhyme with the 3rd-5th syllable of the following lines. Weekly Theme:Welsh Poetry Forms

A Dark Matter

Darkness weighs down upon me. There are three hours left until sunrise, but I'll be dead long before the sun blesses this land. The intermittent flickering of my flashlight confirms my fear, they are already here. Our intentions were honourable; reanimate dark matter in the hopes of better understanding the origins of the universe. Except, … Continue reading A Dark Matter