Flamenca: Flow

The tinkling, trickling growsand flows, raging war deepRapidly swellingthe river runs onwardcrashing, cobbled rockbeds The flamenca is a Spanish quintain (or 5-line stanza) form with a staccato rhythm meant to replicate the click of heels by flamenco dancers. The flamenca goes by a few other names, including seguidilla gitana (or Gypsy seguidilla), playera, and/or sequiriya. … Continue reading Flamenca: Flow


Elegance is a harlequinTwo drinks from oblivionGoing through the motionsOf a well rehearsed danceScripted by a writer without handsAnd a director with borrowed eyes Eugi's Weekly Prompt: Elegance 

Contours of Love 

Demure eyes lost in a hazy plume Offer a coy fain Of agreement Tendrils of inky black Curtain A shielded glance An unguarded beam By guiding light Make way Steadfast as rock My firm grasp sinks Into your supple hips And we dance Swayed by sirens song enamoured To the contours of love

Walk Away

A dance of emotion With natural progressions Is more than motion One can play the fool Two at the same game Defies the rule Call it as you see Not the blurred image You've dreamed it to be You want me to stay But I can solve it all If I just walk away