Waltz Wave: Whale Song

comewhale songsingyour tonesfrom the depthsto risepitchand repeatmake me feellong distance loveechoingwithinallsharingharmonyto calmtherestlesssea Waltz Wave: Developed by Leo Waltz, it is a syllabic form with a title and 19 lines. The subject should be calming. The syllabic pattern is: 1/2/1/2/3/2/1/2/3/4/3/2/1/2/3/2/1/2/1. Weekly Theme:Untried Poetry Forms

Start from the Roots

1. The Root Chakra – Muladhara Location: The base of the spine, the tailbone regionColour: RedElement: EarthMeaning: Physical identity, stability, grounding Just so we're clear, it all starts hereAt the long abandoned vestigeThat once helped us hang and steer Relax, don't engageRelease the blockageLet the insecurity passBy blowing it out your arse Ground the currentI'll … Continue reading Start from the Roots

Flamenca: Flow

The tinkling, trickling growsand flows, raging war deepRapidly swellingthe river runs onwardcrashing, cobbled rockbeds The flamenca is a Spanish quintain (or 5-line stanza) form with a staccato rhythm meant to replicate the click of heels by flamenco dancers. The flamenca goes by a few other names, including seguidilla gitana (or Gypsy seguidilla), playera, and/or sequiriya. … Continue reading Flamenca: Flow


Elegance is a harlequinTwo drinks from oblivionGoing through the motionsOf a well rehearsed danceScripted by a writer without handsAnd a director with borrowed eyes Eugi's Weekly Prompt: Elegance