Crossword Love

I    B   E    C   O   M   E   D   I    ZZ    Y   W   H   E   N   E   V   E   R I    S    E    E   C   R   O   S   S   WO   R    D   S   A   N   D   J    U   MB    L   E    S   Y   O   U   M   A   KE   M   E    F   E    E    L   T   H   E S   … Continue reading Crossword Love

Children’s Rhyme: Read a Book

From wizards as wise as time To witches green as slime A goblins endless lust for gold And noble knights in quests of old Dragons to light the mythical fires And princesses to ignite the heroic desires Anything is possible If imagination will allow Take a chance now Take a look At the wonderful things … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: Read a Book