Snam suad: A Plea

Vaccine's herefight the fearspawned the firstendemicplease do sendprovide, spendease or endpandemic The snam suad is an eight-line Irish poem and/or stanza. Here are basic guidelines: all lines have 3 syllables with the following rhyme pattern: aabcdddclines four and eight are 3-syllable words, all other lines end in monosyllabic wordslines two and three share consonancelines three … Continue reading Snam suad: A Plea

The Trump Family Christmas Newsletter

Seasons Greetings to all Americans! Barrack Donald will tweet his own message, but I thought I should complete at least one important act as the FLOTUS and that time has come, with the Obama Trump Family Christmas Newsletter. It has been a trying year for us all, but thankful it's all better now. This year … Continue reading The Trump Family Christmas Newsletter


Paper doll personaswill be fed to the papier-mâché beast Dimensions will fractured,where others may be released When comes a great fallthe earth rightfully demands a knee Alcohol and smelling salts,mixed mediums for the journey While these confinescreate sinners with dead men's eyes The dilated pupilwill ascertain we've never felt more alive