A Busy Week

"Ready? This is the next few days. So, there's food and drugs, and bullies two ways." "Okay." "YWCA wants a week without violence, don't we all. There's forest products, give smokey a call. Dyslexia reading, that makes sense.Infection prevention, sounds intense. Freedom of speech, an obvious one. Business women, that sounds fun. There's safety for … Continue reading A Busy Week

Children’s Rhyme: I Like Cake

"So you like cake, do you?""Yes I do.""What kind do you like, name one or two.""Oh, I can name more than two.I like sponge cakes, cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, birthday cakes.Cupcakes, pancakes, patty cakes, layer cakes.Shortcakes, flat cakes, pound cakes, hot cakes. Fruit cakes, bundt cakes, teacakes, coffee cakes.Oil cakes, cream cakes, butter cakes, ice cream cakes.Fish … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: I Like Cake