Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Dali

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.Salvador Dali I embrace the four elements to create. I don't see fire. You're right! Someone start a fire! Lune: still shot explodes Chaos in motionBe still lifeThe brush moves slowly You're a little mixed up. Yeah, like a cat out of water. No, you need to check … Continue reading Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Dali

Drinks, Laughs & Wishes

Limerick: drink drank drunk The old drunk had quit the drinkAnd no one knew what to thinkBut what was bizarreWas he took it too farHe died, dehydrated beside a sink "I don't believe I've ever chortled.""I do all the time, especially when I think about my life."She laughed. He listened. "You're right, it's more of … Continue reading Drinks, Laughs & Wishes

Children’s Rhyme: I Like Cake

"So you like cake, do you?""Yes I do.""What kind do you like, name one or two.""Oh, I can name more than two.I like sponge cakes, cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, birthday cakes.Cupcakes, pancakes, patty cakes, layer cakes.Shortcakes, flat cakes, pound cakes, hot cakes. Fruit cakes, bundt cakes, teacakes, coffee cakes.Oil cakes, cream cakes, butter cakes, ice cream cakes.Fish … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: I Like Cake