The Mere Thought of You

Never shall I contradictA word your soft lips speakAn oath on my finger prickedflowers for my sweetAnd sweetness for my flowerUntil we next shall meetMay you find comfortIn the letters I send to youAs I find my own comfortAt the mere thought of you I used a random word generator for all posts this week. … Continue reading The Mere Thought of You

We Are Home

Nerves reach the iris of the skyAn azure reassurance up on highThe eye winks, anticipating prayerFingers clasp shut releasing airA sermon preached in shifting leavesForm a cocoon of unity each believesAnswers in the silence roamEvery one whispers 'we are home' Weekly Theme: Photo Prompts

My Wife’s Best Friend

I don't careIf it's not meIt's nicethat my wifehas a best friendWho lifts her upwhen she's downComforts herafter a hard dayAnd can make her happyIn a way I'm not ableA friendwho is always there But it comes at a cost... Usuallyaround ten dollarsfor a good bottle Happy National Red Wine Day! Red Red Wine