Rimas Dissolutas: The Open Road

Weary of the warnings I made my choiceWithout constraints that so often dictateI started down the dusty disused roadToward shimmering opportunity Clear and proud I heard the dogmatic voicePraise community, order, taxes, ratesThe guidance faith and country bestowedThat allow a hopeful future to be As I listened I began to rejoiceClaiming only a personal mandateThe … Continue reading Rimas Dissolutas: The Open Road

The Outcome

There are parts of meI've deniedVersions of meI've defiedPaths I've chosenOthers left behindShedLike skinOf another timeAll this doneBrought me hereFace to faceBut not quite clearWith a personI've knownNowCome to fearHe is the finalThe outcomeThe oneThe personI've decidedTo become