Bathroom to Prison

Starting Point:Reading on the Loo Reading on the looThere is an obvious rhyme hereSo what am I to do?I needn't be low browYou surely know it tooWe all remember the children's bookAnd what everybody must do Children's booksRun the gamutIf one looks one findsEvery categoryHas its books Google search: weirdest children's booksAnswer: Click here(you will … Continue reading Bathroom to Prison

Picky & Particular

Koala bear, koala bearLounging in a treeHappy and lazyAs a koala should be Soaking up the sunLeaves in his bellyThen comes laughinglaughing in his tree He raises his head and shoutsKnowing who it would bebugger off mister kookaburraThis gum tree belongs to me Don't pick your noseDon't pick your nosedon't pickdon't pickDon't pick your noseCos … Continue reading Picky & Particular

Two Sides

Emotional Symbiosis love and hateare notpolar opposites My daughter told me she hates meAnd I guess I can understand whyI promised her she could have candyI gave her an apple and she started to cry I told her its mother natures candyShe considered this a bold faced lieSo I said feel free to eat all … Continue reading Two Sides