By Chance

OnlyBy chanceDear wayfarerBeyond the paleWill you find the accidental trailYet, bySeekingA shroud will guidenight and dayAs if there can be no other way "Do I need to wear this helmet?" "Of course not. If you fall you can just get a new head from the store." I fear, I hope,And in hesitationI fumble ASuccessful Hail … Continue reading By Chance

Thơ bảy chữ: The House

a deal to fish in the foldwhere merit calls and eyes can beholddismay in a hand before the fallthe troubled ego swallows the truth cold the house grows, built on other's feetcards stacked deep, coded to the beatas walls rise the sun will falland night now shudders on the street Thơ bảy chữ (Seven Word … Continue reading Thơ bảy chữ: The House

Throw the Dice

  Sullied by numbers probable  Parables of dice and golden bones Sweat lodged and drenched in profit  Fondling the seedy undertones   When a gamble is a pleasure In the game of chance lament  Life lost on the table... choice becomes the forgotten element      


In just a fleeting glance I saw my life in your eyes Such meetings are made for dance prying at the others guise But at the time of goodbyes I do not believe that all hope dies What is needed is chance In the pursuit of true romance