Children’s Rhyme: Cyhydedd hir: Criss the Cat

Pete Criss was a catwe were fine with thatsitting on his matas a cat should Until one fine daywhich one I can't sayPetey ran awaymisunderstood All the world to seehe wanted to beable to play freeand now he could He travelled the landwith drum sticks in handand joined a rock bandhis life was good The … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: Cyhydedd hir: Criss the Cat

Cosmic Advancement Tribunal

Please, don't talk to me like a child,I have seen galaxies born into existenceand others fade into the abyss.My species predates yours by billions of years.and we outnumber you seven to oneOn this planet alone.We've watched your day to day scramble,trying to stem the rot you call life. We've supervised, tested you, controlled you,Waiting for your … Continue reading Cosmic Advancement Tribunal