Fortunate Events

Fortune favors the foolhardyWith accidentsIn abundant supplyStep toward the shimmering prizeOne in sixWill die "Mum said you're an accident, and you should have never been born." "Mum isn't exactly known for her wisdom. Afterall, she had you by choice and, after seeing how you turned out, she kept you." What a game, to trick the … Continue reading Fortunate Events

The Link is Blood

Blood let between my fingertipsMosquitoes should know better I'm quick with hands and quips Fray a careful linkTenuous we stirWrit in blood and inkThe lines begin to blurPass and craneReturn a devious stareStreams are oft to waneAs are those who care With heavy heart And empty pocketI find myselfAt a loss Weekly Theme:Lost PhoneI lost … Continue reading The Link is Blood