WHODUNIT? What happened to the cake?

It was busy in the restaurant. They were short staffed, customers kept walking in, orders were piling up and mistakes were being made. The cherry on top, a birthday cake was missing.What happened to the cake? Who is to blame? I didn't eat it, said the chef. It was for a reservation.I didn't eat it, … Continue reading WHODUNIT? What happened to the cake?

Children’s Rhyme: I Like Cake

"So you like cake, do you?""Yes I do.""What kind do you like, name one or two.""Oh, I can name more than two.I like sponge cakes, cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, birthday cakes.Cupcakes, pancakes, patty cakes, layer cakes.Shortcakes, flat cakes, pound cakes, hot cakes. Fruit cakes, bundt cakes, teacakes, coffee cakes.Oil cakes, cream cakes, butter cakes, ice cream cakes.Fish … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: I Like Cake