Train that Brain with a Spark

Brain Teaser:What can be driven although it doesn’t have wheels, sliced but stays whole?(answer below) The brain suffersThe body suffersThe body suffersThe brain suffers Do you wantcomprehensionand bright ideasat lightning speedAn electrified witthat could liven upeven the most stuffyof dinner partiesThrough our tiedand tested methodsWe will help youBuild a better bodyAnd a better brainWe can … Continue reading Train that Brain with a Spark

Contours of Love 

Demure eyes lost in a hazy plume Offer a coy fain Of agreement Tendrils of inky black Curtain A shielded glance An unguarded beam By guiding light Make way Steadfast as rock My firm grasp sinks Into your supple hips And we dance Swayed by sirens song enamoured To the contours of love