Saving Mortality

"The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies."– Kate McGahan A memoryDistant and dullSwells in my mindMy childhood dogLong since passed awayRunning in the windLapping at my faceResting at my feetA lifetime laterI still feel the love Love Never Dies Saviour A saviourMust be justIn action and wordA … Continue reading Saving Mortality

Payār: The Self

My perception, built throughout life, sculpts desired beliefNow here I am, caught in the act, I feel one thing, relief  I am lying, though not to you, or any other, you see,I lie through time, and the victims, are all versions of me The Payār is the most common form from the Bengali Region. The … Continue reading Payār: The Self

Gwawdodyn: Belief

Desperation aids faith through beliefMystical hope can welcome reliefBut suffering sin, is an act withinNothing but time helps release the grief Quatrain form with an ab rhyme scheme.The gwawdodyn is a Welsh poetic form with a of couple variations. However, both versions are comprised of quatrains (4-line stanzas) that have a 9/9/10/9 syllable pattern and … Continue reading Gwawdodyn: Belief

Future Visions

The sun shinesbrightthen burns Without glassesdark spotsbecome spiders The horizonslipsout of grasp My searching handsfindnothing The miragecreatedfrom fear Future visionsfleeat the sight of me Weekly Theme: New Year