Children’s Rhyme: Two Crable Parable

The Fiddler Crabcalled out with prideThis is my castle,my home by the seaThe Hermit Crab,unimpressed, repliedAll I needI can carry with me The Hermit Crabsettled in on the beachAs the tide roseat the end of the dayWaves came,nothing safe from their reachIn a momentthe castle was washed away

Tanka: Seagull stole my Hot Dog

Nice beach day until... A Seagull stole my hot dog I wanted revenge I found my answer online recipes for stuffed Seagull Hot Dog Stuffed Seagull with Chips 1 Seagull 3 hot dogs 3 medium sized Potatoes 1 Lemon 1 litre of Milk Olive oil Salt Pepper Method: Clean seagull and leave in milk bath … Continue reading Tanka: Seagull stole my Hot Dog