Soledad: A Day at the Beach

She sells seashells by the sea shoreI query and question the cause“why buy, the beach is shell galore?” Clear coast across clean ocean sheen.The summer swimming swarm missingserves a scenic scene seldom seen The soledad is a Spanish poetic form. It has the following guidelines:Three-line poem (or stanzas).Eight-syllable lines.Rhyme scheme: aba.Internal consonance and assonance. Weekly … Continue reading Soledad: A Day at the Beach

Food & Sh#t

Meet the meat From the treeFleshed outA sight to seeThere they areDangling freeOdd shaped berriesBelow the knee Fact: Avocados are named after reproductive organs.Indigenous people of Mexico and Central America use the Nahuatl word āhuacatl to mean both “testicles” and “avocado.”Additional: Avocados are berries. When you next find yourselfRelaxing on pure white sandsConsider this factAnd what … Continue reading Food & Sh#t