Midnight Beholds & White Flour (part 2)

White flour (part 2) Of crypt nor caseMutual in that there wasteThe dimes man hath symbolisedA price which deems to tantalizeTo the dust demise their birthSolid a fist of copper                        Driven through the earth (I couldn't find part 1) Midnight Beholds Gauntlet of proseDown at the flameAnd grow To the one I loveThat does not … Continue reading Midnight Beholds & White Flour (part 2)

Children’s Rhyme: Cyhydedd hir: Criss the Cat

Pete Criss was a catwe were fine with thatsitting on his matas a cat should Until one fine daywhich one I can't sayPetey ran awaymisunderstood All the world to seehe wanted to beable to play freeand now he could He travelled the landwith drum sticks in handand joined a rock bandhis life was good The … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: Cyhydedd hir: Criss the Cat